The porn industry wants to titillate people into trance-like docility and consumption

So people subsequently consume consume consume yet they are left empty

With those feelings of emptiness they are forced to ruminate on their bodies

Bodies which simply do not meet the aesthetics of death, the aesthetics of fascism

Bodies that do not actually take a liking to objectifying the self, to objectifying others

Bodies starved for intimacy, for nourishment, for love

The porn industry wants us to live by their rules

The porn industry brainwashes people into thinking that they’re “expressing sexuality”

The porn industry doesn’t want you to cultivate your own sexuality

The porn industry wants to annihilate every last trace of feeling

The porn industry doesn’t want you to think and feel

The porn industry wants you to get off on dehumanization

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When you are a woman and you use a confessional narrative, people tend to think there is not some more complex structure of thinking or philosophy behind that narrative. I needed to bring some of that background thinking more to the fore, otherwise, it failed…

… I am passionate about ideas. They’re not just the stuff of spectatorship and entertainment to me. They’re a life-blood, and that’s what makes the intellectual process so radically different from the academic process.

Part of the challenge for insurgent intellectuals, particularly those of us who are artists in this society, is to pull back from academe, actually, and academic settings, precisely to break this notion that has become so popular in the culture, that the two experiences are one.

bell hooks, in interview with Lawrence Chua (BOMB magazine, issue 48, 1994)

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Lana in New York

casual nerd aesthetic goal, note nails and san pellegrino

Lana in New York

casual nerd aesthetic goal, note nails and san pellegrino

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today I was told I am a “news-writing genius” which, lol, I have never taken a journalism class in my life, I know absolutely nothing about news writing, but thank you, thank you. also lol journalism.

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me at the family event: well actually gender is just a social construct and only exists as a lubricant for the Capitalist Machine

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1d as belle & sebastian songs



cuz why not slip all the way into hell?

  • zayn - “your cover’s blown”
    you’re a strange aberration / In this land of potted plants and box-like houses / where the girls like mouses / breathe a long sigh of resignation / you resign yourself to keep on growing / all the seeds you’re sowing / you’re a strange apparition / in this land of grammar schools and gala days / the ladies set in their ways
  • harry - “there’s too much love” 
    i could dance all night like i’m a soul boy / but you know i’d rather drag myself across the dance floor / i feel like dancing on my own / where no one knows me, and where i can cause offense just by the way I look
  • niall - “another sunny day”
    another day in june, we’ll pick eleven for football / we’re playing for our lives the referee gives us fuck-all / i saw you in the corner of my eye on the sidelines / your dark mascara bids me to historical deeds
  • louis - “the boy with the arab strap”
    we all know you’re soft cause we’ve all seen you dancing / we know all you’re hard cause we all saw you drinking from noon until noon again / you’re the boy with the filthy laugh
  • liam - “electronic renaissance”
    you’re learning, soon you will do the things you wanted / since you were wearing glitter badges / If you work for much very longer / you’ll be known as the boy who’s always working / If you dance for much very longer / you’ll be known as the boy who’s always dancing


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i am the shyest attention whore ever

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